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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Medical Insurance Coverage: Inpatient and Outpatient

There are several insurance plans that are designed to give customers comprehensive medical insurance coverage against all kinds of healthcare problems. However, each policy offers a unique form of coverage. The plans and benefits accompanying them are designed such that customers have a choice of selecting the kind of health insurance that would best suit them. Even if you categorize the coverage under inpatient and outpatient plans, the benefits of plans in a single category would also vary. While inpatient policies cover more hospitalization needs, the outpatient plans would cover benefits that are linked non-hospitalized treatments.

Medical insurance coverage in inpatient plans could cover a range of problems. One of the most prominent problems is that the insurance plans generally only cover the treatment that is done during hospitalization. The costs incurred before and after that are not included in the policy. These costs are high too, and the steps are just as important as the hospitalized treatment. Health insurance plans cover this aspect of healthcare too.

Outpatient benefits of the plan include several features such as medical insurance coverage for dental treatments, spectacles, lenses, etc. So, if there is coverage for treatments that need at least 24 hours hospitalization, and there is coverage for OPD, what about those in the middle? Most people wonder about those treatments that require only a few hours of hospitalization? There are also plans that cover those treatments. These treatments are referred to as day-care procedures.

There is a number of health insurance plans that are designed to give the customers complete coverage and therefore cover both aspects. Maxima from Apollo Munich is one such policy. The policy covers all kinds of medical problems that may be faced by customers. In the effort to promote preventive healthcare, the company also provides an annual health check-up with the plan. There are several insurance policies provided by the company. Each of which offers a unique form of coverage.


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