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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Optima Senior- Health Insurance for senior citizens

Wide range of health insurance plans are available in the health insurance market. It gives ample variety to people at large. Adhering to the personal health needs, every individual can select the plan that can serve him/ her with maximum coverage. Also the insurance premium is a major concern for every buyer. Considering varied healthcare needs of people at large, the insurance companies have emerged with numerous innovative health insurance policies. Making a significant contribution in this field, Apollo Munich Health Insurance- a pure health insurance company, has formulated medical care policies of various kinds. They give you the option to get insured against all sorts of health risks.

Have you thought of a health insurance for your elders like parents or grandparents? Are you facing confusion in this regard? Which is the best medical cover for oldies? Optima Senior- a plan offered by Apollo Munich, is meant to give protection to the senior citizens. The person can avail the policy at any time after the age of 61 years. The plan comes with the feature of no maximum cover ceasing age. It is a plan that makes easy and comfortable for old age people to take good care of their well being. The policy imbibes along the feature of coverage against expenses incurred during inpatient treatment, pre and post- hospitalization, day-care procedures, organ donor, emergency ambulance and e- opinion. Besides this the plan can be renewed for lifetime ensuring the lifetime health security. Once insured under this plan, the insured individual can also enjoy the facility of cashless treatment. In this way Optima Senior is a plan that offers comprehensive coverage to the senior citizens of country.

The relevance of a health insurance plan for old people is easy to understand. As the age grows, it becomes essential for people to pay more attention on personal health. With the growing age the person becomes more prone to illnesses or health diseases. Thus it is essential for people to make arrangement so as to live life tension free. Old people can fall in need of health treatment at any time. They might need it at short notice and here the finances stands as a peril. It becomes difficult to arrange for ample funds during any health emergency or healthcare need. It is to deal with such intricate situation that the health insurance plans have been formulated. They relieve people from financial stress allowing them to concentrate on one’s health recovery. It is thus important to find a suitable health cover that can fit into the particular budget frame.

Wide range of affordable health insurance plans are available in today’s date. According to the personal health needs and taking into consideration the present health status, you can select the health insurance cover for your elders. This will give protection to our dear ones taking good care of their well being.

With the help of an insurance cover like Optima Senior, it becomes simple for all to secure their elders. This plan is available in the cover options of Rs. 2 lacs, Rs. 3 lacs and Rs. 5 lacs. The buyer can buy the plan as per the personal medical care need and the affordability limit. The plan can also be renewed for lifetime. With an easy renewal process, Apollo Munich enable people to secure their future. It will give financial security to meet the healthcare needs during any uncertainty. So make a wise investment like health insurance and enjoy the quality medication without losing out on personal savings.

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  1. The high cost of treatment of senior citizens may be mitigated to some extent by loading
    the premium and by the insurance pool, but the capacity to pay should be kept in mind.
    However, a major cause for the high cost of health insurance in general is the exorbitant
    price charged by private hospitals, specially the corporates. Health Insurance India