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Monday, 12 September 2011

Factors that Affect Medical Insurance Rates

A health insurance policy is needed to safeguard people from any kind of financial risk that they are likely to face due to health-related problems. Therefore when buying a policy, one always considers the rate of the plan prior to purchasing mediclaim. There are a number of factors on which medical insurance rates depend. While some factors vary from one insurance provider to another, there are certain factors that remain a constant. An insurance provider generally accounts for the overall cost of the insurance as well as keeps a certain profit margin while planning the cost of an insurance policy. However, given the competitive nature of the insurance sector today, most companies ensure that these margins are kept to a bare minimum.

Medical insurance rates depend mainly on the medical cover that is provided. It also takes into account the changing healthcare trends and the likely cost of treatment in the near future. When an individual is at a higher risk of illness, he/she is charged a higher premium. However, in order to standardize the rate of premium, many companies have designated their cover age-wise (health-risks increase with age). At the same time, medical insurance rates also depend on the various diseases covered by the plan. For example, a plan that covers ailments whose treatment is very nominally priced would be cheaper that a plan that covers diseases with high cost of treatment.

When a person selects an insurance policy, he or she should take into account factors besides health insurance rate. The value-added services, the extra benefits, the customer services offered by the insurance provider, etc. should all be considered. Companies like Apollo Munich offer superior quality services which are beneficial for customers in the long run. They offer customers ‘Healthline’ and Cashless Hospitalization in 4000+ network hospitals. The website also facilitates premium calculation. 


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