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Monday, 12 September 2011

Types of Medical Insurance Policy

Medical insurance policies are of several kinds. There are some meant to protect specific groups of people, while there are other designed to cover particular individuals. There are medical insurance plans that are specifically designed to cover various aspects of healthcare or particular diseases. For instance, a cancer insurance policy would not cover any other kind of treatment or a cardiac insurance plan would only cover heart diseases. Whatever be the case, the aim of any medical insurance policy is to safeguard an individual’s medical future so that he/she does not have to face any kind of a financial problem due to the same. It is wise to have an insurance plan that covers all kinds of medical problems rather than just one particular problem.

A medical insurance policy that offers all-round protection is very useful. Such policies are designed to cope with the individual or family’s health crisis, whenever and wherever it happens. When a policy offers comprehensive medical cover, sometimes, the individual is protected from the cost of expenditures prior to and post treatment as well. There are several health insurance policies that cover the whole family under one plan. Such policies are known as family floater plans. There is a difference between an individual plan that covers all members of the family and a family floater policy. The former covers each individual member of the family independently. The cover amount cannot be shared with the other members of the family.

In a family floater plan the cover amount is shared by the whole family. This means that the family has the advantage of utilizing any amount of cover for the treatment of any individual. A family floater plan is also mostly cheaper than individual plans for the whole family. Apollo Munich offers comprehensive medical insurance policies for one and all. Their policies also enable people to avail cashless hospitalization in more than 4000 hospitals.

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