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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Support your Family Budget with Family Health Insurance

Disturbance in family budget is one of the major causes of problems for a family. It can be due to numerous reasons.  It not only disturbs the peace of mind but also affects lifestyle of family members. But, sometime, this disturbance in family budget might be due to an unforeseen incident in life in any family member. It might be accident or any sudden mishap that results in long hospitalization bills.  

The bills engendered at the time of medical emergency are not easily payable by everybody. People, who do not have sufficient funds to pay the same, look for various available options to arrange money. At such times of life, arranging for treatment expenses is what people aim at. As a result, they try to get money by hook or crook. Majority of them end up with borrowing money from someone or selling off household assets. Either of these decisions brings financial stress to a family, besides disturbing family budget. These financial issues of life could have been avoided, if there would have been family health insurance. These plans offer health coverage to all family members, which can include an insured, spouse, dependent parents and dependent children. 

Buying family health insurance keeps family members away from financial issues that he/she might face at the time of medical emergency. It is, therefore, suggested to support family budget with family health insurance. These plans are easily affordable. It costs to just few rupees per day, which can easily be adjusted in budget. This amount paid toward heath insurance is known as health insurance premium. It also makes expensive medical treatment affordable, thus making it easy for all family members to seek quality healthcare. Besides it, these plans also bring along with them several facilities that help insured individuals in living healthy lifestyle and seeking quality healthcare, at the earliest. 

There are many such family health insurance plans available in India. An individual should look into terms and conditions of the plans in India in order to get the best coverage for his/her family members. 

Apollo Munich’s Easy Health is the best family floater plan in India. This plan offers wide coverage to 2 adults and 4 children and at the same time can be purchased at the rate of just few rupees per day. It offers cover for the following:
  • In patient treatment (hospitalization) expenses
  • Pre-hospitalization and Post-hospitalization expenses
  • Day care procedures which do not require 24-hours hospitalization such as X-ray, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, operation of cataract or tonsils, etc.
  • Diagnostic procedures, lodging, ICU, operation theatre, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, medicines, drugs & consumables, surgical appliances, prosthetics and other devices implanted internally
  • Expenses for organ donor of transplant
  • Daily cash for accompanying an insured child (covered in exclusive and premium plan only)
  • Emergency ambulance charges – up to Rs. 2000
  • Health check-up expenses after a certain claim-free period

Besides it, there are few additional benefits offered with Apollo Munich Easy Health Family Insurance Policy. These include:
  • Maternity expenses with a waiting period of 4 years (only in Easy Health Exclusive and Premium)
  • Dental treatment expenses (only in Easy Health Premium)
  • Expenses on Spectacles and Contact lenses (only in Easy Health Premium)
  • Optional cover of critical illness can be availed by paying additional premium. It offers cover to eight diseases, which are Cancer, Kidney Failure, Stroke, Paralysis, Major Organ Transplantation, Sclerosis, First Heart Attack and coronary Artery Surgery.
  • Cumulative bonus of 10% for every claim-free year

Thus, Easy Health customer can enjoy complete cover and can enjoy life to a greater extent.


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