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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Different People: Different Medical Health Insurance Policies

People who do not have a medical health insurance policy would not realize the true potential of a plan unless they fall ill. The importance of the policy is not merely in providing customers with relief from financial stress during medical problems. It also provides a peace of mind to the individual thus promoting his/her health. This would mean that the individual stays healthier just knowing that his/her family is taken care of irrespective of what medical problems they face. People also realize that even if they are not around (out on tour or some other purpose), there will never come a time when the family member’s health suffers. 

There are insurance plans that are meant to not just provide coverage to the individual’s family at times of bad health, but also provide for numerous other kinds of healthcare benefits. These are plans that actually cover the individual when he/she is fit and just wants a medical check-up. The main aim of such a policy is to make sure that the individual is well protected from any healthcare expense. For instance, there are plans that cover outpatient problems and thus enable a focus on preventive healthcare. When an individual has a medical health insurance policy that covers all such aspects of healthcare, it rarely happens that the individual would not wish to stay healthy. 

There are individuals who have a medical health insurance policy, but just for namesake. This means that individuals do not really use the policy. Either they have invested in it solely for the purpose of tax savings, or have invested in it without knowing that they can actually benefit from the same. Companies like Apollo Munich promote insurance policies that focus on prevention and cure of illness. The policy wordings are available on the Apollo Munich web site thus making it easier for people to choose the right plan.

Apollo Munich has brought different health insurance products in the market for the Indian citizens. There is Easy Health that is believed to be a complete inpatient product. The plan offer coverage to all health needs of a person. One gets coverage for inpatient treatment expenses, pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures, etc. This plan comes in three variants: Standard, Exclusive and Premium, each with different set of benefits. One can also opt for maternity and critical illness benefit on paying of additional premium.  A remarkable aspect of this plan is that it fulfills health needs of people of all income groups. 

Besides it, there are products such as Insure Health, which is called simple or easy-to-buy product. This plan offer basic coverage to health needs of people, basically designed for people who do not want to invest much in these products. Then, there is ‘Maxima’, India’s first 360 degree product. It offers comprehensive coverage to its customers. The plan is designed to offer cover to both inpatient and outpatient expenses such that one can go for medical treatment without worrying about medical care costs. 

The company has also launched two new products, Optima Plus and Optima Restore. Optima Plus offers extra protection to its customers and at the same time, it comes with a unique feature of getting converted to a fully-fledged nil deductible health insurance plan on retirement. This plan has offered much relief to older section of society, as all their waiting period elapses at the time of this conversion. Optima Restore, the other new product is also first-in-its kind to reinstates the basic sum insured amount, when a policy holder uses the complete sum insured amount during the policy period.


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