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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Think before You Buy a Medical health Insurance Policy

Money is must for survival of a human being.  There is no life without money. One cannot live a good life, if he or she does not have much of it. A person realizes the importance of money, when it is required the most. Though money is required in every area, but when it comes to quality medical treatment, it becomes difficult to pay.
When a person needs medical treatment, there are many facets to the same. The most important aspect is that of the cost of healthcare and treatment. There are many times in an individual’s life when he/she falls prey to certain illnesses. At such times, due to the expensive nature of medical care, people tend to stay away. However, people do not need realize that a delay in healthcare could lead to more complex problems. A small problem like that of a pain in the stomach could actually be an indication of something far worse—stone in the kidney or gall bladder, or appendicitis, etc. However, most people do not realize the importance of the same and therefore neglect healthcare until it is extremely needed. People then wake up to the importance of a medical health insurance policy.
The cost of a medical health insurance policy, regardless of how much it’s actual worth, is much cheaper than the cost of healthcare. A low cost health insurance does not necessarily mean that the policy offers inferior coverage. However, it does mean that the individual does not have to pay for his/her own healthcare. The insurance provider would pay for the same. However, one should again not go to the extreme that they purchase any low cost health insurance policy. It is important to understand the aspects that one is covered for in an insurance plan.
All medical health insurance policies are meant to protect individuals from financial strain at the time of health risks. However, the benefits alongside each plan are different. It is better to buy an insurance policy that is slightly more expensive but with more benefits than a low cost health insurance with few benefits. Therefore it is important to understand the benefits first and then buy the plan. There are medical health insurance policies from Apollo Munich which offer extensive coverage. The plan details are available on their website.
Easy Health is the pure health insurance product that offers complete coverage to its customers. The plan is designed to offer coverage to all sections of society.  This plan offers coverage to inpatient treatment expenses, pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures, domiciliary treatment, health check-up, etc.
Easy Health plan is available in three variants—Standard, Exclusive and Premium, giving an individual an option to choose cover amount from the range of Rs.1 Lac to Rs.10 Lac, as per an individual’s need. The plan pays in-patient treatment and is designed to cover boarding and lodging, anaesthesia, diagnostic procedure, surgical appliance, intensive care unit, operation theatre, cost of prosthetic and other equipments and devices (if implanted internally during surgical operation), medical practitioner charges, drugs, and other medical procedures as per the policy terms and conditions. One can also seek coverage for maternity expenses and critical illness on payment of additional premium. In case of maternity coverage, an insured gets lump sum money in an event of child’s birth. Critical Illness cover offer cover to eight enlisted critical illnesses, which are cancer, stroke, first heart attack, coronary artery surgery, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, renal failure and major organ transplantation.


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